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Into The Night
Benny Mardones.

  • Слушали: 83
  • Размер: 10.3
  • Длительность: 04:31
  • Качество: 44100 Hz, 320 kbps, 16 bit, Stereo
  • Год: 2018
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Benny Mardones - Into The Night
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Текст песни Benny Mardones - Into The Night
She’s just sixteen years old
Leave her alone, they say,
Separated by fools
Who don’t know what love is yet
But I want you to know
If I could fly
I’d pick you up
I’d take you into the night
And show you a love
Like you’ve never seen — ever seen
It’s like having a dream
Where nobody has a heart
It’s like having it all
And watching it fall apart
And I would wait till the end
Of time for you
And do it again, it’s true
I can’t measure my love
There’s nothing to compare it to But I want you to know…
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